Welcome, we believe that branding isn’t a cost, it’s an investment.

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An effective brand needs a strong identity. Our agency can help you refine your vision, position your startup and create a world-class brand, with branding packages to suit every budget.


When your startup's logo design is backed up by brand insights and agency expertise, you can be confident that it will send precisely the right message and stand the test of time.


From business cards to brochures, Piramid produces stunning designs and copy that communicate your startup's message in the right tone.


Entrepreneurs have a lot of options available when it comes to developing their brand, which is why we go further than other agencies. Here at piramid, we streamline our processes and pass on the savings to our clients. We also don’t believe in charging for consultancy – we provide detailed advice and agency insight freely via email, so that our clients can make informed choices for the good of their brand.


We begin by quickly generating a pool of preliminary ideas ideas based on your answers to our thorough and incisive questionnaire. We then take the best concepts forward to develop logo designs that are meaningful, distinctive, sophisticated and fully in tune with your preferences. Our graphic designers leverage key design principles to ensure that not only is every design we propose aesthetically pleasing, but also suitable for for use in a wide range of contexts, including against various backgrounds and at extreme scales. Each round of proposals is delivered in the form of a PDF document that showcases each design along with its variants.

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